Living and working in the Glastonbury area, it’s hard not to absorb the energy of the legendary festival and vibrant town.  There is no place like it, bravely shunning the norm and standing for something altogether different.  And what better spirit to channel into a brewery?

We set to work back in 2006, bravely challenging the traditional values of the UK beer market.  At the time, real ale was under-represented and largely unexciting.  We brought unique and flavoursome ales to local pubs and shops.  Working with local chefs, farmers and herbalists we expanded our horizons.  Soon word spread.  Before long, we were working evenings and weekends to meet demand.

In 2008 we took the leap and moved the brewery to a larger site.  More space and better equipment enabled us to experiment and diversify.  We continued to deliver a broad range of real ales, but expanded into the territory now known as craft beer – small batch, highly experimental brews that ignore the rules to focus on flavour.  We must be doing something right – recently being awarded Best Draft Craft Beer in the South of England by SIBA 2014/15 and at the same time Equinox Black IPA was awarded the Best Draft Dark Beer in the South of the UK.

More recently we've begun developing our craft cider offering – determined to bring something different to Somerset’s most famous drink.  Our small-batch craft cider has now begun to captivate the market and is currently going from strength to strength.  Why not try one of our berry ciders and see what we mean.

From small beginnings, we are now springing up across the UK, whilst finding new fans on a fast emerging basis in Europe and even as far afield as the US, China and Australia! Whilst we are proud of this emerging international reach, we refuse to compromise quality or independence. We strongly support independent retailers, local pubs and entertainment venues – helping everyone from small party organisers, to independent shops and even certain festivals buy in bulk at discount rates.