We're proud to announce our new website!  Bear with us if you see a few typos or funny images over the next few weeks... we're taking the exciting steps forwards to ensure you have the best experience across mobile phone, tablet and desktop devices.

Big thanks to local agency (and long-time Glastonbury Ales drinkers) Glastonbury Marketing for their web design and development assistance.

New beers

Not only do we have a new website, but we're listing a far greater variety of our beers and ciders online now.  Check out the craft beer section, or the craft cider range we're now offering.

If you've seen us at a beer festival (or Glastonbury Festival) this year, you'll most likely have seen some of our new beers - such as Cold Gold or Spring Loaded.  We're pleased to offer these for sale through the new website now.  And keep an eye out for some even more adventurous new beers over the coming months.  We're going wild and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with local ingredients, brace yourselves...

Beer Club

Knowing how much of a kick many of you get from trying new beers (or ciders), we wanted to launch a beer club.  It's designed to ensure you're always first to try our latest brews, and we get even closer to our drinkers.  Find out more on our beer club page.