What's the best craft beer in the south of England?  Well, according to SIBA it's us... our rather tasty Equinox Black IPA beat a whole host of other fantastic craft beers to take the crown at the Society of Independent Brewers’ Craft Beer in Keg South competition event at the end of last year.

Not only did we win Best Dark Beer, but we were the overall winner at the festival!  We are honoured to have been granted such an accolade - thank you SIBA!

What is a Black IPA?

Black IPAs have been something of a rarity until a couple of years ago.  Now, they're considered one of the classic craft beers.  The richness and complexity of dark malts meets intense hops - a flavour explosion!  They're not to everyone's taste, but if you like the extreme and can handle the flavour-overload, then there's nothing like a good Black IPA (yeah, we can't quite bring ourselves to call them a BIPA yet).

What's next?  The best craft beer gets better...

We never stop experimenting, and we think we're on to a winner with a few of our latest craft beers.  For instance, the mighty 'Spring Loaded' is bursting with character (not to mention spring water from Glastonbury's famous spring).  We've also sold out in record time when putting on our 'All Day IPA' at various festivals.  That's one to watch too.  And you never know what's next.

If you really want to stay one step ahead and try our lastest brews, then sign up to our Beer Club.  You'll receive a case of beer every couple of months and you'll get to try our latest creations before they're released to the public.

Only one thing is for certain.  The best craft beer is yet to come.